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  • How to earn significant passive income on the app
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You don't have to be a meditation expert or spiritual teacher

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Hi! I'm Mary Schiller, creator of the Insight Timer Secrets online course, and independent author and coach since 2016.

When I was first introduced to the Insight Timer app in mid-2023, I had no idea what it was or how -- or if -- I could fit into the community there.

I don't meditate, nor am I a "spiritual teacher."

But very quickly, I realized that Insight Timer's audience appreciates a variety of perspectives and types of content.

I also began earning significant passive income -- from very little effort and ZERO marketing -- while connecting with some of the most incredible people I've ever encountered online.

Recent payments from Insight Timer:

The possibilities are endless with Insight Timer

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Insight Timer Secrets online course just for you

What people say about the Insight Timer Secrets course

"Learning with Mary is fun, clear, to the point, answers all the questions and makes the opportunity so simple and so exciting.

[This training] opened my eyes to the huge opportunity and potential available right now for reaching so many wonderful people already looking for exactly what I have to offer -- and so easily -- through Insight Timer."

Dr Anne Curtis, MakeLoveForLife.com

"I liked the clear explanation about how to apply to be a teacher on Insight Timer.

{I appreciated] Mary's approachability."



"Very clear and fun training.

Mary is always inspirational, and vibrant in her teaching and shares with ease and clarity"

Lindsey Elliott,

Lindsey Elliott Coaching

"[I value Mary's] down to earth-ness; how experienced you are; how nothing stops you trying something new and how you share it all so fast and generously for others to benefit. too.

[I appreciated the training's] clarity and the document with all the relevant info and links. Very useful/"

Y., a happy Insight Timer Secrets student

Some reviews of my courses and tracks on Insight Timer, where I currently have more than 8,100 students


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to have any certifications to teach on Insight Timer?

You need certification(s) if you're teaching something that requires it, like yoga. I have no coach training certifications or anything (I have 2 advanced degrees, but not related to coaching).

Q. I struggle with consistency on social media and coming up with new ideas all the time. Will Insight Timer Secrets provide strategies to help me overcome this challenge?

Since Insight Timer isn't social media, you'll discover a whole new strategy for building your coaching business.

Q. Can Insight Timer Secrets really help me earn passive income as a life coach on the app?

A. Yes. You can start earning passive income relatively quickly on Insight Timer with a little dedication. This aspect of the app has been the most surprising to me. My first month of devoting a little energy to the app yielded more than $500 of passive income.

Q. I am a new coach and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

A. Yes. The Insight Timer app can work for new coaches as well as established coaches.

Q: I've been coaching for a while. Will I still find value?

A. Yes. If you want to discover a low-stress way to raise your visibility and earn passive income, this course will show you how.

Q: I am not tech savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

No. Audio is the simplest type of media to create, and this course will teach you how I do it with an old iPhone, an app, and a single editing tool.

Q: When will I get access to the course?

A. You'll receive an email shortly after enrolling with a link to the online training. All the lessons are available immediately.

Q. What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges. All sales are final. Although I wish I could guarantee your financial success, unfortunately I cannot. That is up to you and the steps you take, personally. There are no promises made as to how much money you could earn by enrolling in this program. If you're not committed, then please do not enroll.

Q. What if I have more questions?

Here are links to the privacy policy, disclaimer and terms & conditions. Any other questions, please email mary at maryschiller.com or mary at maryinparis.com.


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