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Want to experience, appreciate and USE more of the power that you're made of?

Then this set of 16 original audios is for you

These audio recordings were made from 16 live talks I delivered in 2022.

Each talk is meant to encourage and inspire you

to make positive changes in your life.

Live your dream life NOW.

Here are all the titles ...

  • How can I do what I want if I don't have the money?
  • How can live a life less BLAH and more inspired?
  • What needs to change for things to really change for me?
  • How can I make things easier?
  • What you would do if you weren't afraid?
  • Is it too late for me to have my dream life?
  • How can I get over my fear of being visible?
  • How do I get over my fear of taking the leap?
  • What if I don't know where to start?
  • How can I create a real breakthrough?
  • How can I avoid self-sabotage?
  • How can I cure "shiny object syndrome"?
  • How do I make myself stick to it?
  • How can I let myself dream bigger?
  • How can I get paid to be me?
  • Do I really have permission to do only what I want?

LISTEN to a short snippet of "How can I get paid to be me?"

LISTEN to a short snippet of "How can I create a real breakthrough?"

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What listeners have said about Mary's Principles talks ...

"Ease can be the default way, in the same way we currently think struggle is the default way."

~ Graham P.

"Great! I just loved everything about the talk.

So inspiring, hopeful and helpful!"

~ Mia R.

What some of my clients have to say

Laura Cockett

"I really enjoy working with Mary. She has a kind, calm but forthright approach that I appreciate. Mary is also my most ‘quoted’ coach! Some things that Mary has said to me over the time I have known her have really stuck with me and still help me to this day, and I tell other people about them!"

Gayle Nobel

"Mary is easy to connect with, and the connection felt virtually instant. She is supportive and inspiring, and I am in awe of the depth and wisdom she shares and coaches from. I would absolutely recommend Mary as a coach. She will help point you in directions you have not even seen yet."

Lynn D.

"I would describe the experience of working with Mary as very, very wonderful.

Here’s the thing. She sees it. And there’s something very comforting about being in the presence of someone who deeply knows that you are okay."

Here's what a few people shared about my books (on Amazon worldwide)

I created these Mary's Principles talks & recordings

because I want you to live your dream life NOW, not someday

Mary Schiller, author & coach

As an author and life and business coach since 2016, I have been able to interact with, and impact, so many wonderful people.

These talks are my way of sharing as much as I can about transformation in all areas of life: what it requires, and even more importantly, what it doesn't require from us.

Enjoy there recordings. Listen to them when you need reassurance and a reminder of what you are capable of. You're made of power.

Two Special Bonus Recordings Available Now

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Freedom; Set Your Life Free

This talk will give you a new perspective on what it means to be FREE -- and how you can feel this freedom right now, today

  • 1 hour FB live recording
  • Discover what "freedom" really is and where it comes from
  • You can make dramatic changes quickly with the insights from this talk
  • All the energy of a live talk, along with the mention of some wonderful comments from listeners
  • Access on your private podcast whenever you want!

You Deserve to be Rich

This is one of the most powerful messages about money that you have ever heard. Period. It reinforces the lessons from "Freedom: Set Your Life Free" and adds new insights to them, too.

  • 1 hour FB live recording
  • I throw away my notes and speak from the heart in this talk
  • Learn a powerful truth about money and wealth that can shift your perception and your actions, both
  • Access anytime on your favorite podcast app!

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16 Mary's Principles Recordings to help you live your dream life now, not someday

2 Bonus Recordings

  • Mary's Principles: More than 16 hours of insights that you can put into action to bring your dream life ALIVE
  • Listen on the go: All recordings are delivered on a private podcast, so you can listen wherever you are, whenever you want to
  • Access for as long as you're a subscriber: Take your time. Don't rush.
  • Bonus Recording #1: Freedom -- Set Your Life Free
  • Bonus Recording #2: You Deserve to Be Rich
  • A total of more than 18 hours inspirational audios to remind you how capable you are. Listen anytime on your favorite podcast app

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"Valuable insights: That I can trust my intuition and innate creativity…that I can trust Life to show me the 'way.' And that whatever idea I have of who I am, it is always more profound and beautiful than I can imagine."

JoAnne K.

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