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  • How to connect with potential clients on Insight Timer
  • And more!

Hi! I'm Mary Schiller, aka Mary in Paris.

I'm an author, coach & course creator.

If you're anything like me, you're craving simplicity in your life and coaching business.

Mary Schiller

Then let's just go ahead and make things simpler for ourselves!

We're free to step away from all the noise online

while making an impact and increasing our reach and our income.

Here are some ideas ...

How to get new coaching clients

Be unconventional

I'm tired of social media! My favorite place online for life coaches is Insight Timer. So much potential for reach, impact and income, it's unbelievable

How to get new coaching clients

Offer something unique

There's a completely untapped coaching niche that makes it easy to ramp up your income: accountability coaching. It's easy, fun and lucrative, too

How to get new coaching clients

Follow the fun

My motto: If it's not fun, don't do it. You and are I not required to do things in our business (or life!) that we don't want to do. So let's follow the fun, instead


Find what you need to help you create the life (and business) you really want: with more ease and fun, and a lot less stress and worry

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