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If we decide to work together, the price is $3,000 for 3 months of personalized 1:1 business coaching. There is also a payment plan available.

What people say about working with me

"If you ever have an inkling that there’s more to life (in your work, your business, your relationships) if you could just work out how, Mary’s the coach you want!

She has an uncanny knack of seeing way more potential in you than you see yourself and she stretches you to go just beyond your comfort zone so that, bit by bit, you find yourself doing things that are so necessary for your business but that on your own you were too afraid to even try.

Since I’ve been working with Mary, I’ve made some wonderful shifts and my business is starting to head in the direction I’ve wanted it to go for a very long time!"

Gill Baronetti

"Mary sharing how simple it can be has made us scrap off a massive amount of unproductive stuff we were doing.

We have already started spending less time on boring things and are making more money.

We do still have a way to go … but we are going! Dancing and playing along the way.

Mary, this is amazing. Thank you for clearing the junk so we can see the way forward."

Debra Simmons

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