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Let me tell you a bit more ... XO Mary Schiller

Does this sound like you?

You have a "gotta say this" message that you really want to share with the world

You want to connect with amazing people -- who may become your clients!

You want to start earning significant passive income (yay!)

Say "good bye" to exhausting social media demands and "hello" to a simpler way of growing your life-coaching business and your income

Having a course (or several!) on Insight Timer can change your life

Hi! I'm Mary Schiller, creator of this live training program as well as the exclusive Insight Timer Secrets online course.

When I first found the Insight Timer app in mid-2023, I had no idea what it was or if I could fit into the community there.

I don't meditate, nor am I a "spiritual teacher."

Very quickly, I realized that Insight Timer's audience appreciates a variety of perspectives and types of content.

I also began earning significant passive income -- from very little effort and ZERO marketing -- while connecting with some of the most incredible people I've ever encountered online. And fast!

Recent Insight TImer payments, mostly from my courses:

Follow the simple steps, and at the end of this 10-day live group program, you will ...

  • Have created a professional 5- to 7-lesson audio course (plus a 2- to 3-min. intro)
  • Be able to submit your audio course for review on Insight Timer once you're an approved teacher on the app (it's free to become a teacher!)
  • Have an audio course that you can also share or sell in any way you choose and repurpose it, too (like turn it into a mini book!)
  • Be confident in repeating the process of creating an audio course because I'll show you exactly what to do
  • Have learned a new skill set that can bring you new clients, passive income and so much more

And just like *that*!

You have an audio course that earn passive income & visibility for you

no matter what you're doing or where you are!

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Click the blue button below to join the VIP waitlist for special pricing on the next training

What people say about this live training program

"Where do I start?! The tips and insights provided about how to make the most of Insight Timer were worth the price of admission! ...

You have opened a doorway to a whole new way of business with passive income for me in my 60's and beyond - and I could not be more thrilled by that! I am so grateful I was lead to you by Divine Providence. Truly."

Debra Wilson Guttas


"[I appreciated] Mary's accessibility. [She is] very encouraging and inspiring."

Jacqueline Hollows

Wild Inspired Life

"[I appreciated] the clear steps and the live calls.

[Mary is] super experienced, with great energy and enthusiasm."

Lindsey Elliott

Lindsey Elliott Coaching

"[I valued] the huge support and ideas helping us to believe we can do this and it's so easy, and her energy and positivity plus expertise,"

Louise Cavell

Cavell Coaching Conversations

"Very helpful to be part of a group experience where we are all creating together.

[I] enjoyed 1) the idea for structure for audios 2) conversations about vulnerability 3) her commitment/input to the training."

Liz Scott

Liz Scott Coaching

"The level of support that Mary provided was truly phenomenal! In ten short days, she hosted four live Zoom calls. We also had a community space on Slack, and we could reach out to Mary individually on Voxer or by email as often as needed.

Mary provided a lot of individual feedback to me personally, which was super helpful.

Mary is a wonderful and supportive teacher! She is extremely knowledgeable about producing audio courses and how Insight Timer works. Mary was also so generous in sharing absolutely everything that she knows.

Mary's program was a well-organized, thoughtful, fun, and rich experience."

Karli Naglick

Karli Naglick Coaching

Create Your Audio Course In Just 10 Days

Live group program dates coming soon!

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Zoom calls: New dates coming soon, at 7 pm Paris time / 6 pm UK / 1 pm EST


  • 10 days of live training to help you get your 5- to 7-lesson audio course created according to Insight Timer's guidelines
  • Unlimited 1:1 coaching using the free Voxer app: message Mary anytime and she'll respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday
  • Group support with 4 Zoom calls and an online community just for people in this program (on Slack, not Facebook)
  • Step-by-step instructions with assignments for each day
  • Additional trainings made just for you along the way, as needed
  • Expert tech advice if/when you need it
  • Recordings of all the Zoom calls
  • The ability to create this audio course with simplicity and FUN
  • BONUS: group Zoom call about a week after the program ends
  • BONUS: 1:1 Voxer coaching extended 5 days after the program ends
  • BONUS: group support in the community for another 5 days after the program ends

Click the blue button below to join the VIP waitlist for special pricing on the next training

What people say about my other course about Insight Timer, called Insight Timer Secrets

"Learning with Mary is fun, clear, to the point, answers all the questions and makes the opportunity so simple and so exciting.

[This training] opened my eyes to the huge opportunity and potential available right now for reaching so many wonderful people already looking for exactly what I have to offer -- and so easily -- through Insight Timer."

Dr Anne Curtis,

"I liked the clear explanation about how to apply to be a teacher on Insight Timer.

{I appreciated] Mary's approachability."


"Very clear and fun training.

Mary is always inspirational, and vibrant in her teaching and shares with ease and clarity"

Lindsey Elliott,

Lindsey Elliott Coaching

"[I value Mary's] down to earth-ness; how experienced you are; how nothing stops you trying something new and how you share it all so fast and generously for others to benefit. too.

[I appreciated the training's] clarity and the document with all the relevant info and links. Very useful/"

Y., a happy Insight Timer Secrets student

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What, exactly, is this program?

This is a 10-day live group program that will guide you through the process of creating a 5- to 7-lesson audio course that you can submit to Insight Timer for approval once you are an eligible teacher on the app. You can also use the audio course in any way you want to.

Q. Do I have to be a teacher on Insight Timer already?

No. You can apply to be a teacher anytime, and then when you're eligible, you'll already have a course to submit to Insight Timer for approval. To be eligible to submit your first course, you need to have submitted 2 free audio tracks to Insight Timer that they have approved. This doesn't have to take long, though!

Q: When does this program begin?

A. It starts now, meaning you can start going through the steps whenever you enroll. The program runs through the dates listed on this page.

Q. I am a new coach and I'm just getting started. Will this still work for me?

A. Yes! That's the beauty of the Insight Timer app. Plus, audio is MUCH easier to create and share than video. You can create this audio course in 10 days and offer it wherever/however you want to.

Q: How will I know what to do?

A. During the 10 days, we will have 4 Zoom calls, and we have a private community (not on FB) where you can get all of your questions answered. You also have unlimited access to Mary during the program using the free Voxer app for 1:1 support. There is also an online course that you can access that has step-by-step instructions with due dates.

Q: I am not tech savvy. Do I need a bunch of tools to make this work?

No. Creating audios requires a simple setup. Mary can advise you if you have questions.

Q. What is the refund policy? Do you have a guarantee?

There are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges, All sales are final. Although I wish I could guarantee your financial success, unfortunately I cannot. That is up to you and the steps you take, personally. There are no promises made as to how much money you could earn by enrolling in this program.

Q. What if I have more questions?

Here are links to the privacy policy, disclaimer and terms & conditions. Any other questions, please email mary at