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A simple editing tool for audio and video

I love using Descript. It has cut my editing time down by at least 80 percent, particularly for audios but also for video.

It works like a Word .doc. You can record directly into Descript or upload an audio or video file. It then transcribes your file and you edit it just like you would a Word document! Highlight the words you don't want, cut them. Copy/paste. And so much more.

And it's not a download, either. Descript works ONLINE: desktop version or web browser. No taking up hard drive space!

Try Descript. You'll thank me!

If you'd like to get your life back while you create your coaching business ...

I recommend Marketing Magic, the best AI app I've ever used

At the time of this writing, you can get a lifetime license for a price that you can earn back with your time in less than a month.

I use Marketing Magic, myself. I love the repurposing tool, among many others. It gives me ideas for creating more audios for Insight Timer and books -- all in a matter of minutes.

And yes, Marketing Magic is better than ChatGPT. First of all, your data is NOT shared with the world; it's kept private. And second, every answer you receive is based on your input about your business, not from what's out there on the Internet.

If you're looking for a simple, solid all-in-one platform,

I recommend Systeme.io

I joined systeme.io toward the end of 2022 because I wanted to simplify my online business. Before then, I had tried so many of these all-in-onen platforms ... and I hated them all! (I'm looking at you, Kartra, Kajabi and ClickFunnels!)

I was skeptical. Could systeme.io really work, and could it be simple?

The answer is YES! The best part? You can start on systeme.io for free. This website is built on the platform, too, and it sends all my emails.

Videos to help you! Check out my YouTube channel ...

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