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Don't want to invest a ton of cash? Explore my life & business courses on Udemy. Start with a free course, The Waitlisted Coach.

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Enjoy audio? Listen to my audio courses and tracks on the Insight Timer app. I love Insight Timer! Their subscription is reasonably priced, too.

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Are you just DONE with social media stress and all the content creation as you build your life-coaching business? Me, too!

There's an answer ...


Learn how to build your coaching business and earn real passive income in a whole new space: the Insight Timer app.

Insight Timer Secrets is an exclusive online course designed to get you started as a teacher and succeed on the app.

Connect with potential clients, help people in a big way, and start earning NOW.

Ready to start earning in your coaching business,

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What if one simple shift in your coaching business could help you double your income, while working less?

That's what you'll discover in the Accountability Coach Training program: an exclusive training to help you take advantage of the most untapped coaching "niche" out there. And it's FUN!

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