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Welcome to the page with, well, everything!

It includes all of my current offers to help you create a coaching busines and life that truly feels like YOU.

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Your Dream Life Space (Free bonus for all students/clients)

Come over and play in Your Dream Life Space: a bonus FB community for all of Mary's students/clients -- anyone who has ever bought something from me. :-) Get support, practical help and encouragement to follow your dreams for your life and business.

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3-Step Plan for $5K Months (Free)

Discover the only 3 steps you need to take to reach $5K months. Focus you precious time and energy ONLY on what matters. End the overwhelm and gain clarity.

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Coach's Confidence Booster (Free)

See yourself, your coaching and your VALUE in a whole new way with this free audio mini-course.

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10 Questions for a Coaching Income Breakthrough ($9)

Caught in an endless loop of confusion? This audio course is like having a coach in your pocket: asking thought-provoking as well as practical questions to get you unstuck and moving again. Comes with a fab bonus course, too.

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Tech Stress, Be Gone! ($9)

End the overwhelm related to tech in your coaching business -- for good. Follow a simple checklist to learn what tech you need, and what tech you DON'T need, to reach those $5K months.

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My Courses on Udemy (free on up)

In late summer 2023, I began publishing courses on Udemy: high-quality courses at affordable prices for people who are searching for them. If you fall into that category and want to see everything I offer, click the Learn More link.

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My Courses and Audios on Insight Timer (free on up)

In mid-summer 2023, I started publishing audios and courses on the free Insight Timer app. Many of my audios and ALL of my live events there are free, available without a subscription. I also have courses that are part of Insight Timer's reasonably priced subscription.

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3 New Clients in 30 Days ($97)

Discover some new ways to bring in those wonderful clients: all proven, all doable, all FUN.

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Personalized Roadmap to $5K Months ($200)

Frustrated by trying strategy after strategy and not seeing progress toward your income goals in your coaching business?

Then let me create a personalized, customized roadmap just for you. Save time and take the steps that can get you where you want to go.

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Accountability Coach Training Program ($1250 + payment plan option)

Cash in on the most wide-open niche in the coaching world.

Accountability coaching is just starting to catch fire, and you can be on the forefront of offering this amazing coaching method.

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By application only: $5K Coach Club ($2,000 or payment option)

You're ready to get to those $5K months in your coaching business. You're also ready to take your dreams seriously and invest in yourself.

And of course, you want access to high-level training and support to help you get there -- without bouncing from coach to coach, program to program.

Then the $5K Coach Club could be the place for you.

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